Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Giveaway! [Closed]

This is the season of sharing and giving back all the blessings you received. So here’s another giveaway from me for all of you who have been following and reading my blog this past few months!

This giveaway is sponsored by Estelle Fash! Love the name of their shop. Very classy! They provide a lot of fashionable clothes. So this giveaway will last for 30 days.

This is a lovely skirt from Estelle Fash! Simple yet very feminine. I love flowy skirts just like this one. They’re very light and comfortable to wear. The polka detail is perfect for the upcoming new year.

This is open for Philippine residents only!

Goodluck! =)

Friday, December 21, 2012

The World According To Paris!

HOW I WISH THAT MY ROOM WOULD BE JUST LIKE THIS! I made that in capital letters to emphasize my admiration to this one. Hehe!

What a life it would be if your room has this outside view! Oh c'mon, I would always stare at it!

Love this lamp! Of course, eiffel tower inspired one! Lovely, right?

TIK TOK on the clock! =)

Can someone give me a shirt just like this one? Perfect for this season!

Isn't this amazing? An eiffel tower inspired bag from Timmy Woods! A wood painted novely bag.I want one!

A very timeless watch. Literally a timeless piece!

You're outift cannot be completed without a pair of shoes. Say hello to this very fearless heels! Hehe. An eiffel tower in its upside down position.

I'm so addicted to PARIS! Love this cellphone casing!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! It's my birthday on March 27! I want something like this! =D

To end my obsession about PARIS, here is the Eiffel Tower Restaurant located in Las Vegas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Music Lover | Current Playlist

Not every song you listen to are the ones you really like the most. Sometimes, you listen to a certain song because of someone. Maybe they're the songs that they really like, or they're the songs you reminisce for some certain reasons.


I just recently liked this song. Because it reminds me of someone who's special to my heart. And the lyrics is just so perfect!


And obviously, i named my blog after this song by Katy Perry. But i love this version more than the original one. hehe!

YOU & I (By Chance) - J.R.A.

I think every girl wants this song. Or love rather. Such a fairytale. Happy ending. I wish to have a story just like lyrics of this song. Or maybe, I can surpass this song with my own fairytale.


I first heard this lovely song from a t.v. show just few months ago. And i instantlty fell in love with it! I am thinking of playing this song once I am walking in the aisle in my own wedding! Such a memorable moment.


I'm into mellow or chill songs this past few days. I think it is because of my busy and stressful OJT life! Haha! Joke. I love my job as a reservations agent! =) But i do love this song. Love the lyrics!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Travel 101: Local Places I Wanted To See!

So here are the places here in the Philippines that I wish to go or see very soon!


I will go here one of these days. Hopefully, early next year! Imagine, you can see an Eiffel Tower miniature only here in the Philippines! I know it is just 40 feet high, but IT IS STILL AN EIFFEL TOWER! :D Adventure Resort is located in Gulod, Tigbe, Norzagaray, Bulacan.


I’m not really into beaches because I don’t know how to swim, but I do love going to the beaches because I love how it makes me feel calm and relaxed instantly. Balesin is a forgotten island. Kudos to the owner of this photo. Great shot indeed!


I so love sunset! Who doesn’t, right? Without doubt, a breathtaking sunset in the Puerto Galera.


I’ve never been there. Sad but true! Hehe. I swear, I will go there with someone special to me! *wink* And the kalesa? Such a classic and timeless moment. Moments to cherish when you grow old.


For once in my life, I’ve always wanted to be in peaceful places. Just like this, the famous Paoay Church in Ilocos.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dying for DIP-DYED!

I’m dying to have all of these! Can someone out there give me even just one of these, please? :D

Lovin’ these clothes!

I wish to have a dip-dyed polo just like this. Any color would do! :D

Perfect dress for a summer getaway next year! Very comfy and still you’re fashionable.

Blazer lover? Yes I am! Especially this one, I want!

We all love dip-dyed shorts.

Dip-dyed vest is a very flexible. You can wear it on top of a dress or just a simple tank top.

Dip-dyed nails!!! I want ot try this one of these days. But yeah, we’re not allowed to color our nails here in the Hotel. Too bad, I can only do this at home!

And of course, SHOES! Dip-dyed shoes is definitely a must have!

As much as I want to dye my hair, I don’t have the guts to try! :D Kudos to all the persons out there who have dyed their hair for once!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I found these lovely shoes while brosing the internet. I just want to express how much i love them with this post. Check them out =)

Lovely laced-oxford shoes! I've been searching for the perfet nude shoes. And hey, I found one!
OXFORD + LACE + NUDE = Dream Shoes <3

JIMMY CHOO + GLITTERS = Fantabuluous!
Little that you know, I love everything that has glitters or sequins on it! :D My eyes instantly pops when I saw one. Yep, that's me.

Lovely red heels with bow details. =) Want one? Me wants! 

I've been addicted to spikes these past few months! But for shoes? Hell YES! =) And i love the fact that these classic black suede shoes has gold spikes on front of the shoes!

This is just exactly the shoes i once saw on the department store. I love LACE as much as i love chocolates. Hehe! ;) Want to wear this everyday! <3

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh~ m'Eye Lash Mascara | Etude House

This is Oh~ m’Eye Lash Mascara from Etude House! 

This one is the Volume and Long Lash of the Oh~ m’Eye Lash line. This is very affordable yet a very great deal for a mascara.

Used my Oh~ m’Eye Lash during one of my photo shoot for my OOTD (Outfit Of The Day).

Polyvore Galore

With ten million monthly unique visitors, Polyvore is the web’s largest community of tastemakers where people can discover their style and set trends around the world. Trend seekers and shoppers alike come to Polyvore to discover the hottest brands, products, trends and looks.

        It’s now one of my favorite sites. Polyvore it is! It is where I create my collection or should I say, my wish lists of the things I wish to have. I enjoy dragging the things I want and come up with a beautiful collection. So here are my favorite sets that I have made.

Fashion is L O V E

This is so me. I just love the floral shorts, lace oxfords, white corset and the detachable collar. I just wish to have all of these someday.

Life is a BEACH

The perfect getup for a Summer Getaway! Lust Love, Love Lust Cropped Tank Top, Tribal Print Shorts and a Jelly Shoes! <3

Modish Traveler

Feeling like an Explorer? You’ll just need a Sleeveless Shirt that goes together with your ombre shorts, a galaxy inspired painted shoes, a bag to carry all the stuffs you’ll need and of course, a camera to capture all the beautiful things you will see.

Geeky Me

Who said that you can’t be stylish while wearing your geeky glasses? A geek glass is the perfect eyewear for your white sheer collared top and your flag inspired shorts.

Something Pink

When you say pink, you’ll surely think of a girl. And this set is so girly because of the pink oxfords and pink ombre shorts. Match it up with your peace sign shirt, and you’re ready to go. 


        We all love getting dressed up and attending parties. But you need to find the perfect outfit for that night. A black cocktail dress and black pumps with bow detail will surely be a head-turner together with your red clutch.

Movie Date

        Your youthful and refreshing appearance is best seen on this Blue Polka Dress. Match it up with your red pumps and a silver clutch. Lovin’ the bow hairstyle! And you can wear the yellow blazer inside the theater if you’re having a movie date with your boyfie.

Polyvore is the destination for style inspiration.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Yellow T-strap Shoes | Dtams Online Store


Lovin’ my Yellow T-strap Flat Shoes! Looks so comfy? Yes it is! I will surely look fashionable roaming around wearing this shoes yet feeling so comfortable.

I’m quite busy for my OJT. Will surely wear this lovely shoes for one of my Outfit Of The Day post one of these days! =)

            I got these lovely T-strap Flat Shoes from Dtams Online Store. They provide made-to-order shoes! From wedges, pumps to flat shoes and platforms! They also provide fashionable Bangkok clothes. Go to their page and see for yourself!