Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ANTM : British Invasion | Sophie Sumner

Aside from the cycle of America’s Next Top Model All Stars, ANTM British Invasion is also my favorite! The show is literally invaded by the Brits! It features fourteen models; placing seven British Models from the previous cycles of Britain’s Next Top Model together with the seven all new American Models. I love Sophie Sumner and her Cotton Candy Pink Hair. She won best photo of the week at times already but mostly, she’s runner up for best photo.

Sophie is one of the finalists of Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 and she’s actually the runner up for the title. I love her sense of style. Simple yet sophisticated. Her British accent is not that hard to understand unlike the other Brits. I love it whenever she smiles. She has a sweet voice too. She’s very good in the runway. And has a great personality as well.

She did very well in the entire competition. She extremely deserved to be the title holder of America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion. I like Laura but I love Sophie! And I love the fact that a Brit won the title. Hooray for all the Illuminators out there, like me!

                                   ANTM British Invasion Finale

You might already know that Sophie has the cutest dog called Darcy, aka Pink Darcy Dog! :)

Fact: Sophie Sumner and Emma Watson are buddies! <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Star On The Making | Jessica Sanchez

            This girl can make unpopular songs POPULAR! Hell yeah. Just like “Stuttering” by Jazmine Sullivan that she sang for the Top 7 Week on American Idol. She nailed that performance! Well, all of her performances actually. And when she got saved by the judges, that’ so epic! She is the first female and the fourth finalist in American Idol history to receive the Judges’ Save. She made a history. There’s something about this 16 year-old girl. 

         This is one of my favorite performances of Jessica in the whole competition of her American Idol journey. Dance With My Father, yes it is! It almost made me cry. Her own rendition of Sweet Dreams by Beyonce is superb. She made it her own and left us wanting more in the end of her performance. And she brought out her alter ego which is BB Chez. Her performance of And I Am Not Telling You (I’m Not Going) by Jennifer Holliday is the BEST! I’ve got goose bumps all over me throughout her performance. And her performance of My All by Mariah Carey just left me hanging. 

This season of American Idol is the only season I completely watched because of her. This is the best season of American Idol so far. I think she received six unanimous standing ovations for her competitive performances from the judges and one standing ovation from Steven Tyler. I’m so glad that she made it this far even though she’s just a runner up, I’m still so proud of her! With her magnificent voice and a large number of fans, she made it this far!

During the Finale, I saw a hint before Jennifer Lopez performed. It’s when they played the video of Randy saying to the contestants that they can sing the phonebook.  They flashed Adam Lambert, David Archuleta and Jessica Sanchez. Adam and David A. are runner ups right? Watch that part!

Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday’s duet of And I Am Telling You is the BEST! The best duet I’ve ever heard on the American Idol stage. It’s a jaw dropping, breath taking and eye popping performance! I’ve got shivers all over me. Soon, it would be Jessica in the Grammy’s just like Jennifer Holliday! :D She’s still my American Idol.

I love watching all of her performances over and over again. I just can’t resist that voice of hers. Heaven sent! And if only I have that kind of voice that she have, I would sing forever. ¯ American Idol is just a title.But the fact that she sings with her heart, it's more than being an American Idol. World Idol it is! I love you, Jessica Sanchez!

What A Week | Philippines

Philippines is so blessed this week. From Lady Gaga, Ian Somerhalder, Leighton Meester to Allison Harvard, Joe Jonas and Lifehouse. These people made it happen!

             Lady Gaga just arrived here in the Philippines Last Saturday, May 19, 2012 for her 2-day concert here in Manila specifically in the Mall of Asia Arena last May 21 and 22. She stayed at Makati Shangri-la. I know that all of her fans or the little monsters are very happy to have her here in our country. Put your paws up, little monsters! J

         Oh my gosh! Damon Salvatore of Vampire Diaries is also here in the Philippines to endorse the local clothing brand, Penshoppe. And he’s now a member of Penshoppe’s All Stars line up. Ian Somerhalder also arrived Last Saturday. And will be a part of Philippine Fashion Week for Penshoppe. He’s so freakin’ HOT!

           The Queen is coming! Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl is also coming here in the Philippines to endorse Penshoppe. Leighton Meester is also the newest addition to Penshoppe’s All Stars line up. She’s also a part of Philippine Fashion Week for Penshoppe. Oh Leighton, why are you so gorgeous?

        The Quirky Goddess, Allison Harvard of America’s Next Top Model All Stars is here in the Philippines to launch Michael Cinco’s new fragrance. She is the face of Impalpable Eau de Parfum by Bench. And on May 27, she’ll be part of the Philippine Fashion Week for Bench together with Dominique Reighard, also from America’s Next Top Model at SMX Convention Center. I want to see her badly.

            Joe Jonas of Jonas Brothers is also coming here in the Philippines for the Philippine Fashion Week and will represent Bench. And he’s here to launch their album “Fastlife” and will do some mall tours. 

            Lifehouse is in the house for the 2nd time around! They will be having a concert on May 26 at Smart Araneta Coliseum. Those great songs you can’t resist.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Varsity Jacket

        My favorite Varsity Jacket! Funny because I only have two. :D My other Varsity Jacket is Navy Blue. I love yellow because it can instantly change your mood. So if you want to be happy, wear something bright in color especially yellow.

And if you want to get out of your house with the cold weather, jacket is your companion. Like Varsity Jacket! It can immediately protect you from the cold weather yet you can also bring out the inner swag in you. Yo!

Can you be my SUPERMAN?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Modiste Bag | Sophie Martin Paris

      This is Modiste Bag from Sophie Martin Paris. This is a free gift if you’re a member of Sophie Paris. 

       This is a cute pink pouch that can be used as a travelling bag or an organizer. As you can see, it has three different compartments. I’m using it as an organizer of my Sophie Paris products.

Koshize Sugary Pink
Koshize Glittery Pink
Koshize Red Connection
J’adore Summer Pink
J’adore Mango Peach
Kluge Candy Peach

Koshize Eye Liner
Strawberry Milkshake Lip Balm
Cherry & Orange Peel-off Mask
Cleansing Milk

Cosmetics Princess it is!

Brightening Eye Roll-On | Garnier

        How to get rid of those dark circles around your eyes? Try the Brightening Eye Roll-On from Garnier. It can brighten up your eye area for a couple of weeks of constantly using it. I use this whenever my eyes are tired. As I massage the metal roller around my eyes, it soothes and relaxes the eye area as it feels cool and comforted. It also has Pro-vitamin B5 that keeps the eye area hydrated and refreshed.

The cooling effect when you apply it on is great. Make sure that you store this in a cool dry place for it to retain its cooling effect.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello Cebu | Travel 101

       I choose Philippines! I will make sure that I’ll visit all the tourist spots here in the Philippines first before I’ll travel out of the country, especially in Paris! <3 So, this is me in the waiting area of Cebu Port waiting for our boarding in the Superferry 12.

        Cebu is indeed, a historical place. From the Magellan’s Cross, Mactan Shrine to the Cebu Heritage Monument. It’s good to have something to look at to preserve some events in our history for the next generations to see.

@ Taoist Temple

@ Mactan Shrine

      This is me together with my college friends. We’ve checked in at Crown Regency Mactan for about two days.

@ Crown Regency Mactan Cebu


Do It Yourself | Accessories

     Hey guys! Welcome to the artistic side of me. I made these stuffs few months ago. There’s this one boring day and I want to literally kill the boredom to make my day a productive one. So I went out to the market and bought a two-toned piece of cloth. Obviously I’ve chosen the color purple because I love purple.

       So basically, I made the detachable collar first. It’s fine though it’s like a bit huge for me and there are visible stitches on top of it. I got frustrated so I made a lot of other stuffs from the cloth. I came up doing a bow ring, two bow necklaces and a tie necklace. I just got the pink silk cloth from one of my old dress.

      Just be creative enough to make your day a productive one like making your own Do It Yourself Accessories.

Bag & Jewelry Box | Sophie Paris

        For attending the catalog launching of Sophie Paris here in my location and being one of the models who’ve modeled their brand new bags, the owner gave me a bag and a jewelry box in exchange. Amazing right? She’s so kind.

The bag’s codename is SAS Bag Besayes. It is a two-toned brown calf leather satchel. I’m gonna use it as my school bag since I’m still a student. It looks so durable yet sophisticated or should I say, SOPHIEsticated.

And the jewelry box’s codename is Box Fifi Jewelry. It’s a purple leather jewelry box with a built-in mirror inside. It has several compartments for rings, bracelets and necklaces. It’s good that it has a built-in mirror so that whenever you want to try on your jewelries or even your funky accessories, you can see yourself with the built-in mirror. The other models only received a bag. The owner is not that biased. Ssshh! :D

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Model For A Day | Sophie Paris

        Model for a day! Actually, this is my 2nd time already. I’ve been invited in the Sophie Paris branch here in my location to model their brand new bags for their catalog launching. My first time was last December 2011. When it’s my first time to model, I’m so nervous like hell. I think there are more or less 100 people who’ve attended the catalog launching. But when they turned on the music, my feet wants to walk in the runway already; like it has its own life. So when I’ve started walking, there’s no pressure at all. It’s like I’ve been doing it for years. Well I admit, I walk like a ramp model in our house when no one’s home. I have a minor stage fright whenever I’m reporting in front of the class though I don’t let people see that. But when I walk in the runway? Confidence all the way! :D

Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake | Music Lover

Music is a big part of my life. ¯ I play music when I woke up every morning so I’ll be in the mood to get up from my cozy bed. I play music when I’m taking a bath and singing like it’s my concert and even when I do some household chores. I like singing at the top of my lungs like there’s no tomorrow and dancing with it like I’m in a music video. Yes, this is me. And most people didn’t know this.

There will always be a song to match your mood like if you will never love anything more than music. Whenever I’m sad, music is my number one companion. I play sad songs to make me feel sadder than I was. :D

This is one of the pages from my 4th scrapbook, a proof that I’m a music lover. I love music either singing with its beat or simply by listening. I don’t know what I’d do without music. Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me through. 

I do have a Last Song Syndrome. Though sometimes, the last song that stuck on my mind are the ones I hate the most. Hell yeah. I hate it when people say “that’s an old song”. I’m just there like, “Oh sorry, I didn’t know that music had an expiration date”. Pfft! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bohol is Love | Travel 101

            BOHOL is LOVE! <3 I fell in-love with Bohol. This is such a great place with great people. This is the view outside our hotel room. We’ve checked in at Bohol Plaza Resort. I hope I have this amazing view outside my room too.

          It’s my first time to go there. The place is so preserved. From the Man-made Forest, Tarsier Conservation Center, Bohol Coco Farm to the Loboc Riverwatch Floating Resto, Panglao Island and of course, the Chocolate Hills. Our tour guide said that the Man-made forest is the small Baguio of Bohol and the Panglao Island is the small Boracay of Bohol. I agree with that because Panglao Island is just so awesome. White sand and clear water.

The Shiphaus in Bohol!

The lovely Panglao Island! The sunburn is so worth it! <3

Me and my college friends!

Bohol is the City of Friendship. And yes this is so true!

Getting Organized | Accessories

      Tired of cluttered accessories all around your room? Invest for some good plastic organizers that can keep your accessories organized and free of dirt. Why plastic organizer? Because it is much cheaper than the wood and metal organizers plus it is also waterproof. It’s definitely a budget friendly organizer. Accessories can instantly glam up our outfit so take good care of them. Invest in accessories that can spice up any outfit. So here are my accessories, mostly of them. The bigger ones are stored in a box.

      They are the perfect way to transform an outfit and the right accessories can transform your whole wardrobe. It’s all about having fun. Just mix and match what you want and what you think is perfect for your whole outfit.