Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ANTM : British Invasion | Sophie Sumner

Aside from the cycle of America’s Next Top Model All Stars, ANTM British Invasion is also my favorite! The show is literally invaded by the Brits! It features fourteen models; placing seven British Models from the previous cycles of Britain’s Next Top Model together with the seven all new American Models. I love Sophie Sumner and her Cotton Candy Pink Hair. She won best photo of the week at times already but mostly, she’s runner up for best photo.

Sophie is one of the finalists of Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 and she’s actually the runner up for the title. I love her sense of style. Simple yet sophisticated. Her British accent is not that hard to understand unlike the other Brits. I love it whenever she smiles. She has a sweet voice too. She’s very good in the runway. And has a great personality as well.

She did very well in the entire competition. She extremely deserved to be the title holder of America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion. I like Laura but I love Sophie! And I love the fact that a Brit won the title. Hooray for all the Illuminators out there, like me!

                                   ANTM British Invasion Finale

You might already know that Sophie has the cutest dog called Darcy, aka Pink Darcy Dog! :)

Fact: Sophie Sumner and Emma Watson are buddies! <3

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