Monday, May 14, 2012

Do It Yourself | Accessories

     Hey guys! Welcome to the artistic side of me. I made these stuffs few months ago. There’s this one boring day and I want to literally kill the boredom to make my day a productive one. So I went out to the market and bought a two-toned piece of cloth. Obviously I’ve chosen the color purple because I love purple.

       So basically, I made the detachable collar first. It’s fine though it’s like a bit huge for me and there are visible stitches on top of it. I got frustrated so I made a lot of other stuffs from the cloth. I came up doing a bow ring, two bow necklaces and a tie necklace. I just got the pink silk cloth from one of my old dress.

      Just be creative enough to make your day a productive one like making your own Do It Yourself Accessories.

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