Sunday, May 13, 2012

Model For A Day | Sophie Paris

        Model for a day! Actually, this is my 2nd time already. I’ve been invited in the Sophie Paris branch here in my location to model their brand new bags for their catalog launching. My first time was last December 2011. When it’s my first time to model, I’m so nervous like hell. I think there are more or less 100 people who’ve attended the catalog launching. But when they turned on the music, my feet wants to walk in the runway already; like it has its own life. So when I’ve started walking, there’s no pressure at all. It’s like I’ve been doing it for years. Well I admit, I walk like a ramp model in our house when no one’s home. I have a minor stage fright whenever I’m reporting in front of the class though I don’t let people see that. But when I walk in the runway? Confidence all the way! :D

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