Thursday, May 10, 2012

Online Shop | JR TrendyShop

         This is me and my friend named Jovelle. We both love to shop. She’s my shopping buddy. Sometimes, we literally shop till we drop. *Foot ache* We also love online shopping. When we have no time to go out and shop, online shopping is the best choice we have. It’s the perfect way to shop if you want to get rid of the traffic and the hustle and bustle in the mall. Shop till you drop without leaving your house or getting all dressed up. And so one day, we came up with the idea of what if we put up our own online shop. Since we both love shopping and we are happy with it, why don’t we give it a try? So we opened our online shop last December 2011 named JR TrendyShop. J stands for Jovelle and of course, R stands for Rachel. Unfortunately, I’m the model of my own online shop. :D It went well though we only had two collections because of our busy and conflicting schedules.  So yeah, our online shop is not yet updated.

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