Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Star On The Making | Jessica Sanchez

            This girl can make unpopular songs POPULAR! Hell yeah. Just like “Stuttering” by Jazmine Sullivan that she sang for the Top 7 Week on American Idol. She nailed that performance! Well, all of her performances actually. And when she got saved by the judges, that’ so epic! She is the first female and the fourth finalist in American Idol history to receive the Judges’ Save. She made a history. There’s something about this 16 year-old girl. 

         This is one of my favorite performances of Jessica in the whole competition of her American Idol journey. Dance With My Father, yes it is! It almost made me cry. Her own rendition of Sweet Dreams by Beyonce is superb. She made it her own and left us wanting more in the end of her performance. And she brought out her alter ego which is BB Chez. Her performance of And I Am Not Telling You (I’m Not Going) by Jennifer Holliday is the BEST! I’ve got goose bumps all over me throughout her performance. And her performance of My All by Mariah Carey just left me hanging. 

This season of American Idol is the only season I completely watched because of her. This is the best season of American Idol so far. I think she received six unanimous standing ovations for her competitive performances from the judges and one standing ovation from Steven Tyler. I’m so glad that she made it this far even though she’s just a runner up, I’m still so proud of her! With her magnificent voice and a large number of fans, she made it this far!

During the Finale, I saw a hint before Jennifer Lopez performed. It’s when they played the video of Randy saying to the contestants that they can sing the phonebook.  They flashed Adam Lambert, David Archuleta and Jessica Sanchez. Adam and David A. are runner ups right? Watch that part!

Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday’s duet of And I Am Telling You is the BEST! The best duet I’ve ever heard on the American Idol stage. It’s a jaw dropping, breath taking and eye popping performance! I’ve got shivers all over me. Soon, it would be Jessica in the Grammy’s just like Jennifer Holliday! :D She’s still my American Idol.

I love watching all of her performances over and over again. I just can’t resist that voice of hers. Heaven sent! And if only I have that kind of voice that she have, I would sing forever. ¯ American Idol is just a title.But the fact that she sings with her heart, it's more than being an American Idol. World Idol it is! I love you, Jessica Sanchez!


  1. nice bloG! ^_^ a great fan from a great artist JESSICA SANCHEZ

  2. Superb! :D <3 Will support her until the end =)