Sunday, May 20, 2012

Varsity Jacket

        My favorite Varsity Jacket! Funny because I only have two. :D My other Varsity Jacket is Navy Blue. I love yellow because it can instantly change your mood. So if you want to be happy, wear something bright in color especially yellow.

And if you want to get out of your house with the cold weather, jacket is your companion. Like Varsity Jacket! It can immediately protect you from the cold weather yet you can also bring out the inner swag in you. Yo!

Can you be my SUPERMAN?


  1. hi! first time here in your blog! love the paris-vibe all over :)

  2. Third follower here! What a nice yellow jacket, I remember when I was in HS, I have one, baby pink colored!
    Hope you follow me also,

  3. Hello, you two! :) Thanks for the compliment :) <3

  4. Nice one! Yellow color is a pretty change instead of the usual black! ヅ

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    Thanks! ヅ

  5. Okay then. :) Will visit it later:)

  6. where did you buy your varsity jacket?

    1. It was made to order. My friend has an online shop that specializes on Varsity Jackets :)

    2. Can you link it? I'm looking for Varsity Jackets selling online e. Thanks!