Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Customized Notebook & Bag Tag | Arts by Ayerie

Are you tired of the same old things that you see on the department stores? Like notebooks, key chains, bag tags, and other stuffs that have the same design? Be unique. Customize and have your own design.

This is a Customized Notebook made just for me. Obviously, I requested for a Paris or Eiffel Tower inspired Notebook. Isn’t it amazing? Even the pages of this Notebook has a print on it.

This is a Customized Bag Tag made also just for me. It is made from PVC card. Oh leopard print bag tag, why are you so cute?

I got this Customized Notebook and Bag Tag from Arts by Ayerie. If you’re looking for quality customized items for your shop or just for you, go to their page and see for yourself.

The owner of Arts By Ayerie even sent me this simple note. She’s so sweet. I bought a Customized Receipt for our Online Shop from her before. :)