Friday, June 22, 2012

Cute Items | Guiltypleasures_Onlineshop

        This is a white faux leather bracelet with a ribbon detail. It’s perfect for every outfit because white can go with everything.

      These are cute bracelets that can be used individually or just pile them all together.

        This is a light bulb keychain. You’ll just remove the cover and you’ll find the button there. Just press it to light the keychain.

        This is a chic fancy necklace. It has two circle pendants. One is bigger than the other. And it has a crystal detail around it.

        This is a cute watch. Why? Because color pink and color yellow can really go together.

And finally, this is a light blue belt. It can glam up your simple jeans or pants.

I got these cute items from Guiltypleasures Onlineshop It is a one stop shop that offers a wide variety of products that will feed your needs and wants. Go to their page and see for yourself.

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