Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not So Happily Ever After

I don’t know why I won’t ever learn that my Romeo isn’t ready to die for me, that my Prince Charming isn’t interested to know who owns the half of the pair of glass shoes, that my Jack would just leave me dying with the sunken ship, that my Peter Pan is not with me forever and that He, the one I love, is just someone who I am stupidly in-love with, with the dream that one day he will realize that there is a happily ever after that can be found in me.

Dear Future Boyfriend,

You live there and I live all the way over here. But I might be okay with that.
Please don’t tell me I’m just wasting my time.

                                                               Your Future Girlfriend


  1. Just blog hopping...just want to say that things can happen far more better than those from fairy tales. ^ ^ (I think I violated the English grammar again haha)

  2. awesome blog:)love that background!