Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pochi Purse | Shopwise Box

Pochi Coin Purse is a silicone pouch that is originated in Japan. It comes in different bright colors. Pochi Coin Purse is perfect for your pockets. And it is water shedding and hand-washable.

            This is a bigger Pochi Purse for your Digital Camera or for your Cell phone. It also comes in different bright colors for you to choose from.

            I’ve always wanted this before. But it is quite expensive because I first saw it at the mall, so expect that the price is a little bit high. The pochi coin purse is yellow and the bigger pochi purse is pink.

I got these cute Pochi Purses from Shopwise Box. It is an online store that caters any kind of shoppers needs. Go to their page and see for yourself. :)

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