Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strawberry Sponge Hair Roll | Etude House

Ever wonder how Korean’s get that perfect loose curl that looks oh so natural? This is Strawberry Sponge Curler or Roller from Etude House. It will give you the beautiful locks you have always wanted.

         These are so cute and adorable! I am hypnotized by their endearing appearance. I hope it’s big enough for me to use it as my pillow! :D

            I so love this stuff! If only I get can get out of our house wearing these Strawberry Sponge Curlers without getting too much attention, I would love to! :D Though I don’t have a photo when I already removed those curlers because unfortunately, the batteries of my camera had drained out. So yeah, this product is 100% adorable.


  1. Oowwww. Jiyeon na Jiyeon :D Dalin mooo :D

  2. I saw that too when I went at Etude. They're very cute indeed. :)

  3. aww you look cute with the strawberries in your hair!

  4. Can you post a photo of this soon? ^^ I'd love to see how it worked. :3
    And, how long did you use it?

  5. Super Cute indeed! :) I'll try :) But i just had my haircut last week :) Let's see if i can try it again :)

    I think it took me 30 minutes to have the curls :)

  6. how many rollers are they in total?
    i want to buy them but first i need to now the number of the rollers

  7. so cute..i love to see the result.. :D

    1. Thanks, Marine! :) Will try to post the result soon! :)