Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello Kitty Aviator Hat | Hatah Hatah

Ever wonder where the cosplayers and anime lovers get their cool hats? Wonder no more, because I’ll share a shop that specializes on that field.

This is a Hello Kitty Aviator Hat. This is so cute, isn’t it? A hello kitty inspired hat with a pink puffy ribbon detail and a pink pom poms.

So here is their hat glossary if you want to order a hat. Regular hats are hats that are straight-cut, no ear flaps. AV hats are hats with short ear flaps. Aviator hats are hats with ear flaps and pom poms. And Avies are hats with extensions attached on the ear flaps.

I got this Hello Kitty inspired hat from Hatah Hatah. They specializes on Cosplay or Anime hats, Regular and Aviator style hats in various character designs in three different sizes. Most of their items are uniquely handmade by them. Go to their page and see for yourself.


  1. hahaha really cute... :D love it !!!

    1. Will be having a giveaway for cosplay or anime hats by the end of the month :) <3