Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project Runway Philippines Season 3

        The judges have decided, Milka Redoble is the Grand Winner of Project Runway Philippines Season 3! She pulled out a great collection in the final runway. And as the judges said, she’s the master technician in the batch.

        Milka’s collection was just superb! Simplicity and clean is indeed beautiful. The cuts and patterns of her collection are so impressive. The banana plant is really the muse of the night.

But based on the final runway, I’m torn between Milka and Cheetah. Cheetah gave us a fabulous visual spectacle. A show stopper indeed! It is a very laud collection. Kudos to Cheetah for pulling out a great collection.

Amor and Nel did a very great job as well. I definitely love the final dress of Amor. Party dresses is love!

        In life, you must leave a mark that shows your extraordinary and unique side. Don’t be like a bomb. Because a bomb when it explodes, ashes will remain. And ashes can be blown away by wind. – Project Runway Philippines Season 3.

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