Friday, August 31, 2012

September Giveaway | Mikayla's Boutique [Closed]

        September marks the beginning of joyous countdown to Christmas. And a good way to start the month is to give you guys a simple treat!

        Mikayla’s Boutique believe that a few quality pieces which can last for years is better than a tons of substandard or low quality items. It is a specialty retailer store offering clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, cosmetics and personal care products for men and women.

        To welcome the arrival of cool months and the birthday of the owner of Mikayla’s Boutique, we would like to celebrate it by giving away P50 gift certificates to 5 lucky winners!

This is open for Philippine Residents only!
Goodluck! =) <3

Sunday, August 26, 2012

SHOEprise for Shoe-A-Holics!

Shoe-a-holic? You’ll definitely love this one. For the celebration of the first month of Mikayla’s Boutique, y’all get 10% DISCOUNT on all KARA SHOES and FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE!

Here are my personal faves!

Lovely Oxfords! <3

No heels? Yes, HEEL-LESS shoes!

Bring out the inner Cheetah in you!

Colorful Wedge!

This is also a SHARE TO WIN PROMO! 

The more shares, the more chances of winning!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Sketch A Shoes Giveaway | Blu Fin Creations

        Customized shoes and caps? BLU FiN CREATiONS offers you these awesome stuffs. If you want one, you can choose and make your own design or ask them to make one for you.

        BLU FiN CREATiONS is having a contest on their page. As they've reached 500 likes, this contest is open for everyone. Please read the mechanics posted on the photo above.


WINNER à The one who got the most number of likes on their entry will get free customized vans shoes of their own design + free shipping.

BEST DESIGN AWARDEE à This will be picked by the owner/s of BLU FiN CREATiONS. They will pick who they think has the best shoe design for them. The prize is still a surprise.

NOTE: Submission of photo-entries will be until August 30, 2012 only. Voting period will be on September 1, 2012 - October 5, 2012. Until 5pm only!

This is open for Philippine Residents only!
Goodluck! =)

Pearl Extract Face Mask | Etude House

        This is Pearl Extract Face Mask from Etude House. An essence mask that contains pearl extract that promotes natural skin glow. It has an active ingredient which is Hydrolyzed Pearl. We need to pamper our face once in a while.

        Apply mask sheet to cleansed face and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Remove mask and massage the remaining solution into skin with hands. Though the mask is quite big for my face or is it just I have a small face? :D I felt that my face has been moisturized after using this mask. As much as I want to take a photo of me while using the face mask, I looked like a mummy. Nevertheless, this product is worth buying for.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Who doesn't love online shopping?

      Who doesn't love online shopping? J It’s the best way to shop when you don’t have time to go out and go shopping to the mall. I personally love online shopping.

Red Polka with Blue Ribbon Headpiece
From J Trend Shop

Gray Beanie Hat or Crochet Hat
From Kate Crochet Shop

Customized Polymer Clay Necklace
From VioletCrunch

Superman Shirt

From Maffin Sztar Sale

Blue Laced Back Cardigan
From PerfectFit Shop

NOTE: You can save time, energy and money if you’ll gonna shop online. It’s more convenient and easy. But don’t forget to watch out for scammers. They are everywhere. Nothing beats shopping as a stress reliever for girls, aside from eating! :D

Sunday, August 12, 2012

3rd Blog Giveaway: The One That Got Away In Paris | Icah Online Shop [Closed]

The makeup equivalent of sparkly earrings is a shimmering eyeshadows that can instantly light up your face. Want to have one?

        This is my 3rd giveaway sponsored by Icah Online Shop. They provide customers with quality service and imported products from around the world.

        We’re giving away this 15 Ultra Shimmer Warm Color Eyeshadow to a one lucky winner! It has 15 warm high quality colors; 13 shimmer and 2 matte colors. Achieve a perfect satin look with this 15 Ultra Shimmer Warm Color Eyeshadow. This giveaway will last for 30 days.

This is open for Philippine Residents only!
Goodluck! =) <3

Kluge Candy Peach | Sophie Martin Paris

        This is Lipstick Kluge Moisture from Sophie Paris. It is a lipstick with rich moisturizers to prevent dryness and give naturally glossy lips. Kluge Lipstick has nine color variants. Apricot, Ailie, Candy Peach, Sister Pink, Smooth Rosewood, Pink Angel, Atomic Peach, Tender Peach and Sunset Peach.

The one I bought is the Candy Peach. Obviously, it has a peach shade. It’s more of a nude lipstick. Unlike the J’adore Lipsticks which are matte lipsticks, the Kluge Lipsticks are shine lipsticks. I just don’t like the smell of it because it smells like a certain medicine. But I like the lipstick container because it’s very cute and it is pink plus this is very affordable!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Science of Makeup

Did you know that Makeup is originated in Ancient Egypt? And they said that eye makeup is a powerful weapon because it can avert you from evil spirits. That’s why Cleopatra has a very dramatic eye makeup.

They also believe that if you use white makeup on your face, in terms of way of living, you’re higher than other people. That’s why Queen Elizabeth the 1st used white lead paint on her face before. And who has the whitest face makeup than the Geisha’s of Japan? They use rice powder for their face.

Maximilion Factorwitz or Max Factor is the Father of Modern Makeup. He’s the first Russian makeup expert. He introduced his own line of cosmetics to the public in the 1920s called Max Factor. The advertising campaign claimed that every girl could look like a movie star by using Max Factor. There’s no better way to name your own brand than to name it after you.

Organic makeups are the best for sensitive skins and also for all skin types. Since it has minerals or natural ingredients, it won’t cause us inflammatory effects and it has a sun protection. Plus, they’re all hypoallergenic.

Unexpected ingredients in makeups? You won’t believe this. Did you know that some of lipsticks have fish scales? They grind the fish scales and get the pearlescents  of it and add it on lipsticks for a shimmery effect.

Next is waste or used cooking oil. They add this on some cosmetics because of its surfactant content which helps clean our skin.

Lastly is urea. Yes, you’ve read that right! Urea is a colorless or white crystalline powder that excreted from the urine of mammals. Because they think that urine absorbs and retain water on our skin.

Who said that tattoo is only for some parts of our body? There is also called a tattoo makeup or a permanent makeup. If you want a forever red lips, you can ask for a lip tattoo. 

The newest rage in the beauty industry is airbrush makeup. It is the most modern way in applying makeup. It gives you a matte finish, long lasting, water proof and smudge proof makeup. It is applied through a compressor and with the airbrush gun. Though it is quite expensive than the regular makeups, it is great because it gives you a luminous and subtle look. Plus, it is water-based.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eiffel Tower Inspired Earrings | Ziral & Dylan

        When you let me choose a certain piece of earrings, I would definitely ask for a Paris inspired one.

        The one on the left is simply an Eiffel Tower inspired stud earrings. The one on the right is a hand-made Eiffel Tower inspired dangling earrings with a pink bow and crystals detail.

        I got this Eiffel Tower Inspired Earrings from Ziral & Dylan. It is an online retail shop which provides affordable beauty products, trendy fashion wear and useful stuffs for everyone. Go to their page and see for yourself.

Bedazzled Heart Ice Watch | Replica Watches Boutique

        This is a plain analog watch with white rubber strap, 1.4” round dial and bedazzled heart to compliment your sweet style. This lovely timepiece is from Ice Watch.

        This is a White Heart with Studs Ice Watch. This can glam up any outfit since color white can go with anything.

I got this watch from Replica Watches Boutique. They sell a wide variety of replica watches for you to choose from. Go to their page and see for yourself.

Jelly Shoes | Eds Collection

        Rainy season is just around the corner. And Jelly Shoes is the perfect footwear for this season. Since it is waterproof, we don’t have to wash the stains and dry our shoes out because it’s made of plastic. You’ll just need to wipe out the dirt.

        Jelly Shoes or Sandals are made of PVC Plastic. It comes in a large variety of bright and pastel colors. This is a Beige Peep-toe Jelly Flat Shoes with a bow detail.

I got this Cute Jelly Shoes from Eds Collection. It is an online store that will suit your interest in the latest fashion trends in the market. Go to their page and see for yourself.