Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kluge Candy Peach | Sophie Martin Paris

        This is Lipstick Kluge Moisture from Sophie Paris. It is a lipstick with rich moisturizers to prevent dryness and give naturally glossy lips. Kluge Lipstick has nine color variants. Apricot, Ailie, Candy Peach, Sister Pink, Smooth Rosewood, Pink Angel, Atomic Peach, Tender Peach and Sunset Peach.

The one I bought is the Candy Peach. Obviously, it has a peach shade. It’s more of a nude lipstick. Unlike the J’adore Lipsticks which are matte lipsticks, the Kluge Lipsticks are shine lipsticks. I just don’t like the smell of it because it smells like a certain medicine. But I like the lipstick container because it’s very cute and it is pink plus this is very affordable!


  1. oh wow this looks so cute on you! great find... I love it! :)
    how much is this priced?


  2. Hi.. may i know where i could buy one?.. thanks..