Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Science of Makeup

Did you know that Makeup is originated in Ancient Egypt? And they said that eye makeup is a powerful weapon because it can avert you from evil spirits. That’s why Cleopatra has a very dramatic eye makeup.

They also believe that if you use white makeup on your face, in terms of way of living, you’re higher than other people. That’s why Queen Elizabeth the 1st used white lead paint on her face before. And who has the whitest face makeup than the Geisha’s of Japan? They use rice powder for their face.

Maximilion Factorwitz or Max Factor is the Father of Modern Makeup. He’s the first Russian makeup expert. He introduced his own line of cosmetics to the public in the 1920s called Max Factor. The advertising campaign claimed that every girl could look like a movie star by using Max Factor. There’s no better way to name your own brand than to name it after you.

Organic makeups are the best for sensitive skins and also for all skin types. Since it has minerals or natural ingredients, it won’t cause us inflammatory effects and it has a sun protection. Plus, they’re all hypoallergenic.

Unexpected ingredients in makeups? You won’t believe this. Did you know that some of lipsticks have fish scales? They grind the fish scales and get the pearlescents  of it and add it on lipsticks for a shimmery effect.

Next is waste or used cooking oil. They add this on some cosmetics because of its surfactant content which helps clean our skin.

Lastly is urea. Yes, you’ve read that right! Urea is a colorless or white crystalline powder that excreted from the urine of mammals. Because they think that urine absorbs and retain water on our skin.

Who said that tattoo is only for some parts of our body? There is also called a tattoo makeup or a permanent makeup. If you want a forever red lips, you can ask for a lip tattoo. 

The newest rage in the beauty industry is airbrush makeup. It is the most modern way in applying makeup. It gives you a matte finish, long lasting, water proof and smudge proof makeup. It is applied through a compressor and with the airbrush gun. Though it is quite expensive than the regular makeups, it is great because it gives you a luminous and subtle look. Plus, it is water-based.


  1. wow...I've learned a lot from this blog...Great blog...:D

  2. I think I watched this from an AHA segment with Sheena Halili. Anyway, very informative.. ♥

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    1. Yes. I got these facts from that show. I just loved that episode that's why I jotted down some notes while watching it then researched some facts on my own. Thanks, Lorrie! :)