Sunday, September 16, 2012

ANTM: College Edition

      Unlike the ANTM All Stars and British Invasion, I’m not really hooked on the College Edition. But still, I watch it every now and then because of Tyra Banks.


        And hello to the new judges of ANTM! Kelly Cutrone, of course, Bryan Boy, the show’s social media correspondent, male model Rob Evans, photoshoot stylist Johnny Wujek and movement mentor Jonte.

         I’m missing the old judges of America’s Next Top Model. Jay Manuel, Ms Jay Alexander & Nigel Barker. And the show is already produced by Tyra Banks. How cool is that?

         Who is Bryan Boy? He is the social media correspondent of the show. He monitors all the response of the people on the social media among the ANTM contestants. He is a famous fashion blogger. And yes, he’s a Filipino!

       Say hello to the top 12 contestants of America’s Next Top Model: College Edition! Different girls from different universities. And they are also divided into four groups in their house. The sporty girls room, the geek room and the pink room.

The Comeback Series! This is first time ever in ANTM history that eliminated girls can come back to the competition. Isn’t that exciting?

       Makeovers? Or Shakeovers? The top 12 ladies got their makeovers done! Who has the major look revolution? Victoria and Maria refused to have their makeovers. Why? Victoria said it’s because of her Jew grandmother. And Maria? It is just because she doesn’t want to cut her hair.

Love the latest episode! Fashion-Zombie Apocalypse photo shoot. Who stands out?

Favorite contestant? Hmm, I like Leila and Victoria. But it seems that Victoria is too dependent on her mother. I don’t want to question her love for her mother but in the competition, she needs to be strong all by herself.

        But yeah, I still don’t have a favorite unlike the past cycles. Like Allison Harvard for the ANTM All Stars and Sophie Sumner for the ANTM British Invasion. Let’s see who will stand out in the end.

I still have no idea who will be the America’s Next Top Model: College Edition. Looking forward to the Comeback Series episodes!