Sunday, October 21, 2012

All Asian =)

This is our final function in our Catering and Banquet class with a theme of all Asian.

Here’s our fruit carving centerpiece.

Watermelons turned into these lovely flowers.

Can you guess what is this one made of? Papaya! Yes, papaya turned into a cute fish with water falls into its mouth.

Asian themed function cannot be complete without Asian cuisine! Credits to my lovely classmate/photographer for these lovely photos.

Say hello to my bow tie! =) I’m assigned as one of the waitresses on our function. I want to wear my purple and pink bow tie, the one that I made, but I don’t want to stand out among the other waitresses. So yeah, I wore this one. Does bow tie suits me? =)


  1. nice blog..i love it.keep blogging..

  2. I'm digging the papaya carving! Did you have it carved by a professional or someone in your team did it?

    1. Hi! :) Just someone from my team/classmate did that :)

  3. Glad to know that we have the same course!! :D
    AWESOME post..