Sunday, October 21, 2012

NEON + SPIKES | Fashion Blooms

Who doesn’t love accessories? A simple outfit can be more appealing with the right accessory. Lovin’ spikes accessories? I see spikes accessories all over the place. From earrings, necklace to bracelets and rings! 

This is a Neon Candy Colored Spikes Bracelet. It has a combination of gold and yellow spikes.

This is a Neon Candy Studs Bracelet.

This is a Silver Metal Spikes Bracelet.

This is a Gold and Mustard Spikes Bracelet.

This is a Pink Spikes Statement Necklace.

This is a Hand Gestures inspired Connector Ring.

        I got these very modish accessories from Fashion Blooms. I so love their shop logo! They sell different kinds of satchel bags, Korean bags, authentic cosmetics, stylish accessories and other stuffs that you will love. Go to their page and see for yourself.


  1. Unique arm candies at very low prices at Green Berries!