Friday, December 14, 2012

Dying for DIP-DYED!

I’m dying to have all of these! Can someone out there give me even just one of these, please? :D

Lovin’ these clothes!

I wish to have a dip-dyed polo just like this. Any color would do! :D

Perfect dress for a summer getaway next year! Very comfy and still you’re fashionable.

Blazer lover? Yes I am! Especially this one, I want!

We all love dip-dyed shorts.

Dip-dyed vest is a very flexible. You can wear it on top of a dress or just a simple tank top.

Dip-dyed nails!!! I want ot try this one of these days. But yeah, we’re not allowed to color our nails here in the Hotel. Too bad, I can only do this at home!

And of course, SHOES! Dip-dyed shoes is definitely a must have!

As much as I want to dye my hair, I don’t have the guts to try! :D Kudos to all the persons out there who have dyed their hair for once!