Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Polyvore Galore

With ten million monthly unique visitors, Polyvore is the web’s largest community of tastemakers where people can discover their style and set trends around the world. Trend seekers and shoppers alike come to Polyvore to discover the hottest brands, products, trends and looks.

        It’s now one of my favorite sites. Polyvore it is! It is where I create my collection or should I say, my wish lists of the things I wish to have. I enjoy dragging the things I want and come up with a beautiful collection. So here are my favorite sets that I have made.

Fashion is L O V E

This is so me. I just love the floral shorts, lace oxfords, white corset and the detachable collar. I just wish to have all of these someday.

Life is a BEACH

The perfect getup for a Summer Getaway! Lust Love, Love Lust Cropped Tank Top, Tribal Print Shorts and a Jelly Shoes! <3

Modish Traveler

Feeling like an Explorer? You’ll just need a Sleeveless Shirt that goes together with your ombre shorts, a galaxy inspired painted shoes, a bag to carry all the stuffs you’ll need and of course, a camera to capture all the beautiful things you will see.

Geeky Me

Who said that you can’t be stylish while wearing your geeky glasses? A geek glass is the perfect eyewear for your white sheer collared top and your flag inspired shorts.

Something Pink

When you say pink, you’ll surely think of a girl. And this set is so girly because of the pink oxfords and pink ombre shorts. Match it up with your peace sign shirt, and you’re ready to go. 


        We all love getting dressed up and attending parties. But you need to find the perfect outfit for that night. A black cocktail dress and black pumps with bow detail will surely be a head-turner together with your red clutch.

Movie Date

        Your youthful and refreshing appearance is best seen on this Blue Polka Dress. Match it up with your red pumps and a silver clutch. Lovin’ the bow hairstyle! And you can wear the yellow blazer inside the theater if you’re having a movie date with your boyfie.

Polyvore is the destination for style inspiration.


  1. At your age,you already tried the different shades not just grey ^_^ impressive! Your wishlist is inviting-makes me want to transform myself to a dress me up chic.I am planning to open an online fashion store and polyvore is a plus! Thanks girl^_^

    1. Cool! Thank you so much for the nice words, Miss Loraine! :) <3

  2. I love it too! I am obsessed with making my own sets at Polyvore - it's so much fun!

    By the way, hope you can check out my latest post at the blog!

    Abby, xo

    1. Really? :) Super fun making your own set of clothes :) <3