Sunday, December 9, 2012


I found these lovely shoes while brosing the internet. I just want to express how much i love them with this post. Check them out =)

Lovely laced-oxford shoes! I've been searching for the perfet nude shoes. And hey, I found one!
OXFORD + LACE + NUDE = Dream Shoes <3

JIMMY CHOO + GLITTERS = Fantabuluous!
Little that you know, I love everything that has glitters or sequins on it! :D My eyes instantly pops when I saw one. Yep, that's me.

Lovely red heels with bow details. =) Want one? Me wants! 

I've been addicted to spikes these past few months! But for shoes? Hell YES! =) And i love the fact that these classic black suede shoes has gold spikes on front of the shoes!

This is just exactly the shoes i once saw on the department store. I love LACE as much as i love chocolates. Hehe! ;) Want to wear this everyday! <3


  1. Aww shoes! You have very nice choices! I want many new pairs for Christmas too! =))