Friday, December 21, 2012

The World According To Paris!

HOW I WISH THAT MY ROOM WOULD BE JUST LIKE THIS! I made that in capital letters to emphasize my admiration to this one. Hehe!

What a life it would be if your room has this outside view! Oh c'mon, I would always stare at it!

Love this lamp! Of course, eiffel tower inspired one! Lovely, right?

TIK TOK on the clock! =)

Can someone give me a shirt just like this one? Perfect for this season!

Isn't this amazing? An eiffel tower inspired bag from Timmy Woods! A wood painted novely bag.I want one!

A very timeless watch. Literally a timeless piece!

You're outift cannot be completed without a pair of shoes. Say hello to this very fearless heels! Hehe. An eiffel tower in its upside down position.

I'm so addicted to PARIS! Love this cellphone casing!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! It's my birthday on March 27! I want something like this! =D

To end my obsession about PARIS, here is the Eiffel Tower Restaurant located in Las Vegas!


  1. woot!how passionate in Paris, You'll might be there with someone special!:)

  2. I promise my mom that Ill bring her to Paris..someday!