Saturday, January 12, 2013

SUGARY | Cakes & Cupcakes

Random sweets I found in the internet while surfing with this kind of weather. Cold and lazy Saturday! =)

Of course, the first thing I would post is something related to Paris or Eiffel Tower! :D This is a cute cupcake that I wouldn't want to eat if someone would give me something like this.

Cool! A pink gown slash cake! :D

There’s someone in my mind when I saw this one. A perfect cake for a very girly friend person.

Apart from Paris/Eiffel Tower, I’m also obsessed with anything British. Beside from the fact that British people has the best accent in this world, my favorite ANTM Model, Sophie Sumner is a British!

Cute! Watermelon slice of cake anyone?

CHOCOHOLIC? This is so cool. Different chocolates in one cake! :D

ICE CREAM CAKE! =) I want!

Very luscious cupcake indeed!!! Make that three exclamation points. Haha!



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